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Pakistan’s Climate Resiliency: Harbinger for the Global South

Expert BlogInternationalChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa

Pakistan is one of the five most climate vulnerable nations, evidenced by floods that claimed over 1,500 lives, injured over 12,000, and displaced up to 30 million people in August. In November, global leaders head into COP 27, where the…

Joint Comments to U.S. DOI on the Incidental Take of Migratory Birds (PDF)

Joint comments submitted to the U.S. Department of the Interior on the incidental take of migratory birds from The American Bird Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Edison Electric Institute, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Audubon Society, NRDC, Large Public Power...

CA Budget Approves Historic Clean Transportation Investments

Expert BlogCaliforniaMiles Muller

State legislators and Governor Newsom just signed a historic California budget that includes unprecedented levels of investment in clean transportation. The new funding will provide significant support for critical zero-emission vehicle and infrastructure programs, unlocking billions in public health, climate…

UPDATED: Science, Polling Support NY Bill to Save Bees

Expert BlogNew YorkDaniel Raichel

Senator Brad Hoylman introduced new language today for the Birds and Bees Protection Act, a bill that would make the state a national leader in safeguarding its bees, birds, water, and people from widespread neonicotinoid pesticide contamination.

NRDC's Annual Energy Reports

ReportUnited StatesRalph Cavanagh, Amanda Levin, Sophia Ptacek
NRDC each year reviews the most recent data to present an overall picture of the U.S. energy sector, which is undergoing a major shift toward increasing amounts of renewable energy and cost-effective energy efficiency. However, America still must do more…

Public Lands Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Expert BlogUnited StatesAlison Kelly
Our public lands should be conserved and restored and become part of the climate solution toolkit—as opposed to destroyed for fossil fuel development.

These States Are Winning on Clean Energy

Expert BlogRobert Harding, Amanda Levin
New data offers the first official state-by-state look at 2019 – what was built, what was closed, and what it means for our nation’s power mix and emissions.

Industrial Agriculture 101

GuideUnited StatesNRDC

Giant farms—whether growing crops or animals—often rely heavily on chemicals and produce waste that pollutes the water and air. As a result, the system we’ve designed to feed the planet also takes a serious toll on its health.

It’s Time to Bury These Nuclear Waste Talking Points

Expert BlogUnited StatesCaroline Reiser

NRDC testified before Congressional Committees about addressing the 50-year problem of what to do with nuclear waste. And yet Congress is still reluctant to move away from common talking points which have only led to the repeated failures of the…