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India Launching First-Ever Regional Plans to Beat the Heat

Press Release
NEW DELHI (March 9, 2016) – Building on adaptation commitments made at the Paris climate talks in December, India is launching the first regional early warning systems and preparedness plans in South Asia this month to protect highly vulnerable communities…

NRDC et al. v. EPA et al. (Exceptional Events)

Court CaseUnited StatesClosed
The EPA’s flawed definition of a “natural event” under the Clean Air Act could allow preventable pollution, like power plant emissions, to be excused. So we took them to court.

Trump's Bad Bet #1: DAPL

Expert BlogSharon Buccino
President Trump is a businessman so you’d think he would know a good bet when he sees one. Reversing Obama’s decision on the Dakota Access pipeline isn’t.

NRDC v. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Court CaseUnited StatesClosed
Thanks to legal action taken by NRDC and our partners, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is taking the necessary steps to permanently ban five harmful phthalates from children’s products.

NRDC et al. v. County of Dickson et al.

Court CaseTennessee, DicksonClosed
In the 1960s, manufacturing companies in Tennessee dumped a toxic industrial solvent that causes cancer, as well as reproductive and neurological harm, into an unlined landfill. NRDC helped to hold the companies to account.

NRDC v. Federal Communications Commission

Court CaseUnited StatesActive
The FCC attempted to sidestep environmental review and public participation concerning the deployment of 5G wireless infrastructure. NRDC and our allies challenged their moves in court–and won.