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Why the World Must Commit to Protecting 30 Percent of the Planet (30x30)

Fact SheetUnited States, InternationalLauren Kubiak, Zak Smith, Lisa Speer, Brendan Guy, Jennifer Skene, Paul Todd
Nature is in crisis. A million species worldwide currently face extinction, many within decades, and human actions are causing ecosystems to crumble on land and on sea. We must take immediate actions to protect the natural world—and in doing so…

i-Tree Eco Now Available in Mexico

Expert BlogErika Moyer
Probably one of the first things you think when you hear the word “trees” is a green and pristine forest, right? But, what about trees in cities? How important are they? Do we care about them in Latin America? I…

Harmful Algal Blooms

OverviewUnited States
What’s lurking in your lake? NRDC’s assessment of freshwater harmful algal bloom programs in the United States shows what states are doing—or not doing—to keep the public informed and protected.