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Our Forests Aren't Fuel

OverviewInternational, United States, Virginia, North Carolina, East
When companies cut down and burn trees to make electricity, the result is increased climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions, devastated ecosystems, and displaced wildlife.

Time to Act on Climate—with Tax Policy!

Expert BlogMarc Boom
Overhauling our energy tax code is still a way off, but simply extending and updating existing tax incentives could go a long way in setting the stage for deeper climate action.

FERC Rejects Perry’s Coal/Nuke Bailout, Finding It Illegal

Expert BlogMiles Farmer, John Moore
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has rejected U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry’s transparent attempt to needlessly funnel billions of electricity customer dollars to the owners of old and expensive coal and nuclear plants. In a major…

Don’t Believe What Donald Trump Says About Coal

Expert BlogTheo Spencer
President Trump acted today to derail the effort to overhaul a broken federal coal leasing program that’s short-changed taxpayers more than $30 billion. He did so by issuing an Executive Order that would lift the moratorium on new leasing enacted…