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Climate Change and Health: Air Quality

MapUnited StatesKim Knowlton
Climate change threatens the air you breathe by fueling smog and ragweed pollen. About 4 in 10 Americans—nearly 127 million—live in areas with both unhealthy smog and ragweed, a new NRDC analysis finds. To avoid making asthma and allergies even…

Our Forests Aren't Fuel

OverviewInternational, United States, Virginia, North Carolina, East
When companies cut down and burn trees to make electricity, the result is increased climate-changing carbon dioxide emissions, devastated ecosystems, and displaced wildlife.

UN Guiding Principles: Redressing the Hydrogen Train Tracks

Expert BlogRachel Fakhry
The United Nations High-Level Champions for Climate Action and UN Marrakesh Partnership have published a set of global hydrogen principles (to which NRDC had the pleasure of contributing) aimed at redressing the technology’s train tracks toward pathways consistent with 1.5˚C…