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Health Inspector Training for Food Donation Guide

Health inspectors are ideally positioned to dispel misconceptions about surplus food donation, convey their city government’s interest in addressing food insecurity, and most broadly, communicate directly with licensed food facilities to ensure they have the information they need to donate…

Super Pollutants’ Supreme Test: Can EPA Stop Use of HFCs?

Expert BlogDavid Doniger
A lower court blocked EPA from curbing use of the super climate pollutants called HFCs, even though safer alternatives are now available. The ruling is a train wreck for the Clean Air Act's 25-year-old "Safe Altermatives Policy." Will the Supreme…

HFC Phasedown Is Good for the Climate & Good for Business

Expert BlogLissa Lynch
Here’s something you don’t see every day: an entire industry and the environmental community aligned in support of an international agreement to curb dangerous climate pollutants—chemicals called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in air conditioning, refrigeration, insulation, and propellant applications.

What's in Your Water? Flint and Beyond

ReportUnited States, Michigan, FlintErik D. Olson, Kristi Pullen Fedinick
The devastating lead contamination of the tap water in Flint, Michigan highlights potentially disastrous gaps in the provision of safe drinking water to all Americans—especially the most vulnerable.