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Industrial Agricultural Pollution 101

GuideUnited StatesCourtney Lindwall
From fertilizer runoff to methane emissions, large-scale industrial agriculture pollution takes a toll on the environment.

Industrial Agriculture 101

GuideUnited StatesNRDC

Giant farms—whether growing crops or animals—often rely heavily on chemicals and produce waste that pollutes the water and air. As a result, the system we’ve designed to feed the planet also takes a serious toll on its health.

Congress Must Limit How Long Livestock Can Be Fed Key Drugs

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD
The House is hotly debating amendments to the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2018. Unfortunately, leadership of the Energy and Commerce Commmittee seems determined to miss its chance to finally put an end to eleven antibiotics of medical importance…

A Powerful Industry Denies Science on Livestock Antibiotics*

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD
Over past decades, the feeding of medically important antibiotics to healthy livestock animals has become entrenched practice. Predictably, new guidelines from the World Health Organization calling for the end to overuse of these precious medicines on farms has been met…

Colonel Sanders, We Salute You!

NRDC in ActionUnited States
KFC will eliminate medically important antibiotics in its U.S. chicken supply chain by the end of 2018.

Livestock Antibiotics Surging Up, Up, Up

Expert BlogDavid Wallinga, MD
Against the backdrop of crisis in untreatable or nearly untreatable infections, sales of antibiotics for use in livestock -- which help drive this epidemic -- just keep surging upwards.