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Perforaciones en alta mar 101

GuideAlaska, West, Louisiana, Georgia, North CarolinaShelia Hu
Una mirada a cómo funcionan las perforaciones en busca de petróleo y gas en los océanos, y por qué es hora de que pasen a la historia.

How You Can Stop Global Warming

How-ToUnited StatesMelissa Denchak

Healing the planet starts in your garage, in your kitchen, and at your dining room table.

Jackpot: NV Light Bulb Efficiency Standards Save $85 Million

Expert BlogNoah Horowitz
Nevada residents and businesses just hit the jackpot in energy and pollution savings because the Governor’s Office of Energy today adopted minimum energy efficiency standards for new light bulbs! As of January 1, 2021, every common screw-based bulb sold in…

Greenhouse Effect 101

GuideUnited States, InternationalMelissa Denchak
By increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we’re amplifying the planet’s natural greenhouse effect and turning up the dial on global warming.

California Sets Off on Another Bold Path to Save Energy

Expert BlogLara Ettenson
The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously approved the first ever set of business plans developed by administrators that manage the majority of the state’s energy efficiency programs. These plans lay out short-, mid-, and long-term strategies through 2025 to…

Weakening Fuel Efficiency Standards Is Bad Deal for America

Expert BlogRoland Hwang
U.S. automaker CEO’s apparently lobbied President Trump to weaken strong fuel economy standards during a White House summit last week. But moving backward on fuel economy standards would be bad deal for America. It would not just threaten our health…