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Colorado Gas Customers Demand Action to Lower Bills, Emissions

Expert BlogColoradoKiki Velez, Alana Miller
Coloradans are demanding relief from high gas heating bills. Legislators can take action by reducing the state’s dependence on gas, a fossil fuel that is bad for our wallets, our climate, and our health.

This EE Day: Celebrate Energy Efficiency Wins

Expert BlogUnited StatesKit Kennedy, Sheryl Carter, Emily Deanne

Energy efficiency (using less energy to get the same or higher benefit) is one of our best tools in the climate fight. In fact, energy efficiency measures alone could provide more than 40 percent of the emissions reductions required to…

Building a Climate-Resilient Grid

Expert BlogUnited StatesChristy Walsh

Record heat and drought are raising the risks of summer brownouts. To limit these climate risks in the future, Congress must act and speed up investments in a clean and resilient electricity system.

What Is Congestion Pricing?

ExplainerUnited States, New York City
Fees charged for driving on busy city roads reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality while also generating sorely needed funding for the transit systems that many people rely on for their daily commutes.

Legislation Offers Path Forward on Nuclear Waste

Press ReleaseUnited States
WASHINGTON – Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Mike Levin (D-Calif.) introduced legislation today that could end a 60-year impasse over our nation’s nuclear waste.

Climate Action Starts in Your Own Hometown

How-ToUnited StatesJenny Shalant

Turn your city into a climate sanctuary, lobby your elected officials, and try out these other ways to make change globally by acting locally.

Biden Reversing Harmful Efficiency Rule

Expert BlogUnited StatesJoe Vukovich
Important changes to the Department of Energy’s appliance efficiency program will help save consumers money and keep pollution out of our air.