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Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Needs Reform and Phaseout

Expert BlogUnited StatesJosh Axelrod, Valerie Cleland, Lauren Kubiak
As climate change inflicts mounting costs and rising dangers on people across the country, selling off our public lands and waters to fossil fuel companies at steep discounts serves neither present nor future generations. Instead, it locks both into the very fuels that are driving the climate crisis.

Red Rock’s Role in Saving Nature

Expert BlogSharon Buccino
As part of his January 27 Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis, President Biden directed the Interior Department to outline steps to achieve the President’s commitment to conserve at least 30% of our lands, waters and oceans by the…

Rule to Speed Oil Drilling in National Forests Released

Expert BlogJosh Axelrod, Samuel Eisenberg
The Trump administration unveiled a rule that will make it easier to drill for oil and gas in national forests. At a time when communities are suffering from dirty air and the dangers of a warming planet, we cannot afford…

Trump’s Budget Is a Blueprint for Destruction

Expert BlogRhea Suh
The $4.4 trillion proposal slashes environmental and health protections, ignores climate change, and sacrifices our public lands and waters to fossil fuel companies—all while making the national debt soar.

An Agency Hijacked: Public Lands and Waters at Risk

Expert BlogDanielle Droitsch
Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke often invokes the image of a modern day Teddy Roosevelt, but TR would be appalled by the polluter-driven, anti-conservation agenda Zinke is dictating.