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CA Building Code Takes Big Step Toward Net-Zero Energy

Expert BlogPierre Delforge
How would you like living in a home with a dramatically reduced electric bill? That will be a reality for most new homes in California starting in 2020, thanks to a new building energy code adopted today by the California…

Committing to Expanded, Equitable Energy Efficiency in Colorado

Expert BlogColoradoAriana Gonzalez, Arjun Krishnaswami
Every day energy efficiency quietly benefits every family across the state of Colorado, but today, on #EEDay2020, we celebrate out loud the dollars saved, the homes comfortably warmed and cooled, and the air cleaned thanks to smarter energy use.

Supporting Renewables & Resilience with Better Transmission

Expert BlogInternationalAmanda Maxwell
As countries around the world invest in renewable energy, they need to also ensure that the investments in transmission lines are as sustainable as they can be. The LIFE-Elia project—as well as many other examples of integrative vegetation management—proves that…

Baez v. New York City Housing Authority

Court CaseNew York, New York CityActive
The agency’s failure to remediate mold and moisture in city-owned housing exposes residents to avoidable, sometimes deadly health risks. NRDC and community partners are holding it accountable.

Black Walden Came First. Thoreau, After.

DispatchMassachusettsCourtney Lindwall
A little-known community of formerly enslaved Black residents in Concord, Massachusetts, took up home in Walden Woods long before Henry David Thoreau arrived. Today, local activists are working to ensure the stories of Black Walden stay alive.

House Bills Threaten Public Safeguards

Press Release
WASHINGTON (February 27, 2014)—The House of Representatives today passed a package of bills, HR 2804, that would hobble--and even prevent--federal agencies from carrying out their Congressional mandates to implement and enforce safeguards to protect public health and safety.