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MPAs Work, Let’s Make Them Work for Everyone

Expert BlogCaliforniaAnupa Asokan
If California is to remain a leader in marine protection, we as advocates, scientists, and state agencies must adapt our perspectives on who values our ocean and its resources.

Right Whale Dealt Terrible Blow in Omnibus

Expert BlogUnited StatesDr. Francine Kershaw
This rider is a rebuke of deliberative policy, respect for science, and the fundamental commitment that this country has made, through its laws and traditions, to protect our most endangered species.

Beyond Pledges: Solidifying Climate Action in Latin America

Expert BlogBrazil, Mexico, Colombia, InternationalMarilyn Martinez

Climate change and associated extreme events are amplifying factors in migration and displacement while exacerbating social, economic, and environmental burdens. Latin America is among the regions with the greatest documented need for the strengthening of early warning systems.

Achieving 30x30 for Our Ocean

Expert BlogUnited StatesSarah Chasis
The science-based goal known as “30x30” calls for meaningful and durable conservation now, while we have time to make a difference.