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Wildlife Trade 101

GuideInternational, United StatesChia-Yi Hou

Wildlife trade is big business, with wild plants, animals, and products made from them sold around the globe, legally and illegally. It’s also a leading cause of the planet’s accelerating biodiversity crisis and resultant ecosystem collapse.

Learning to Love the Lamprey

Latest NewsUnited StatesJason Bittel
In their native habitat in the Pacific Northwest, these imperiled fish are important ecosystem engineers and food web heroes—despite their bloodsucking lifestyle.

Bugging the Ocean

Latest NewsUnited StatesAlisa Opar
Eavesdropping on the sea reveals the surprising chattiness of fish and invertebrates.

Good (and Bad) Tidings

Latest NewsUnited StatesDavid Helvarg
Here was some of the big news coming in from the big blue sea in 2015.

Starved by the Sea?

PerspectivesCaliforniaAlisa Opar
Mass die-offs in the Pacific are sending the emaciated bodies of seabirds, seals, and sea lions ashore from California to Alaska.

The Witch Hunt

Latest NewsUnited StatesJason Bittel
Why the animal “monsters” decorating our doors and mailboxes this Halloween are afraid of you.

No "I" in Sagebrush

Latest NewsWest, United StatesAlisa Opar
The greater sage grouse is staying off the Endangered Species List, thanks to unprecedented collaborative conservation efforts.

Climate Change Vs. the Blob

Latest NewsCaliforniaBrian Palmer
A new study says a stubborn blob of warm ocean water is exacerbating the California drought.