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Oregon Executive Order Charts a Course to Net Zero Buildings

Expert BlogLauren Urbanek
Oregon is the latest state to take major action to accelerate energy efficiency in buildings, thanks to a groundbreaking executive order (EO) signed by Governor Kate Brown that sets the state on a path to dramatically reduce water and energy…

The Kansas Energy Story—and Opportunity

Expert BlogKansasGabrielle Habeeb, Ashok Gupta
Kansas may not be the first state that comes to mind when you think “renewable energy powerhouse”—but it has become one.

New Mexico's Hydrogen Hub Needs Climate Guardrails

Expert BlogNoah Long, Rachel Fakhry, Jacqueline Ennis
New Mexico's hydrogen hub effort must be accompanied by a more comprehensive climate legislation package, which is New Mexico’s best chance to cut emissions and promote long-term economic stability, as well as policy guardrails to mitigate the risks of hydrogen…

Ameren Missouri’s Future Is in Clean Energy

Expert BlogAshok Gupta, Gabrielle Habeeb
Ameren Missouri recently released an ambitious long-term strategic plan that will significantly cut carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy resources like wind, solar and storage.