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State Action on Clean Vehicles is More Crucial Than Ever

Expert BlogUnited StatesMuhammed Patel

EPA’s recent announcement to cut tailpipe pollution for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles is an important step, but the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT), Advanced Clean Cars II (ACC II), and Heavy-Duty Omnibus (HDO) rules are still critical policies to achieving…

Offshore Drilling 101

GuideAlaska, West, Louisiana, Georgia, North CarolinaShelia Hu
A look into how drilling for oil and gas in the oceans works—and why it’s time to make it history.

USDA: $300M to Grow Food Without Dangerous Pesticides

Expert BlogUnited StatesAllison Johnson

USDA’s recently announced $300 million Organic Transition Initiative will support a significant expansion of organic in the United States, with a wide range of environmental, health, and economic benefits.

How You Can Stop Global Warming

How-ToUnited StatesMelissa Denchak

Healing the planet starts in your garage, in your kitchen, and at your dining room table.

EPA’s Truck Rule Misses the Mark

Expert BlogUnited StatesBritt Carmon, Patricio Portillo
EPA's new proposal to reduce pollution from heavy-duty vehicles and engines is long overdue—but it's weaker than existing state action and fails to advance the deployment of zero-emission trucks at the pace needed to address tailpipe exhaust.

Standing Up to Attacks on Democracy

Expert BlogUnited StatesManish Bapna
We know that, much as the strength of democracy has a direct bearing on NRDC’s mission, efforts to undermine it benefit those seeking to block environmental protections.

Solving Supply Chain Issues Must Center Health and Workers

Expert BlogUnited StatesHeather Kryczka, Patricio Portillo

Now more than ever, governments must lean into labor laws that protect workers and environmental standards that accelerate the transition to zero-emission freight movement, all to help untangle supply chains and mitigate pollution.

LA County Takes Historic Steps to Phase Out Oil Drilling

Expert BlogCalifornia, Los AngelesDamon Nagami

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to start the process of phasing out oil drilling in unincorporated parts of the County, including within the largest urban oil field in the country.

Orphan Wells: The Bill Comes Due for 150 Years of Drilling

Expert BlogUnited StatesAnn Alexander

Big Oil is leaving behind a colossal and dangerous mess on its way out. We need help from President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to get started on the cleanup, but industry and not taxpayers must ultimately foot the bill.