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Industrial Agricultural Pollution 101

GuideUnited StatesCourtney Lindwall

From fertilizer runoff to methane emissions, large-scale industrial agriculture pollution takes a toll on the environment.

Climate Change and Health

OverviewInternational, United StatesKim Knowlton
Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the nation, but few people are aware of how its impacts—from deadly heat waves and worsening air pollution to the spread of infectious diseases carried by mosquitoes and…

Actually, That's Not Right

ExplainerUnited States, Washington, D.C.Jeff Turrentine
Calling the (many) bluffs of the Clean Power Plan’s coal-loving, credulity-straining opponents.

EPApocalypse: A Review of Pruitt’s 1st Year as Administrator

Expert BlogChantelle "Ella" Mendonsa
While Pruitt has recently been catching heat for his science-denying comments on climate change, his luxurious travel on the taxpayer dime, and his elimination of the child cancer research program, it’s his dangerous predilection to gut critical public health protections…

This Is What a Just Transition Looks Like

ExplainerUnited States, Peoria, IllinoisBrian Palmer
To help a community leave its dirty energy economy behind, advocates must fight for local representation, equity, and retraining that prepares workers for high-quality jobs.

Offshore Drilling 101

GuideAlaska, West, Louisiana, Georgia, North CarolinaShelia Hu

A look into how drilling for oil and gas in the oceans works—and why it’s time to make it history.