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Latin America's Biodiversity is Critical for Global Goals

Expert BlogJessica Carey-Webb
Latin America is teeming with a variety of plants, animals, and forms of life. In fact, Latin America is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), around sixty percent of…

La biodiversidad de América Latina es crítica

Expert BlogJessica Carey-Webb
Latinoamérica es hogar de una gran variedad de plantas, animales y formas de vida. De hecho, América Latina es una de las regiones con mayor biodiversidad del mundo. Este 22 de mayo, Día Mundial de la Biodiversidad, con la ayuda…

Good Night, 2015

PerspectivesUnited StatesSusan Cosier
Check out the year’s best new #greenreads (and some old classics) for small children.

The Cougar Next Door

PerspectivesUnited StatesJason Bittel
A new documentary reveals that mountain lions are not the solitary killing machines we’ve always thought.

Ursine Exodus

Latest NewsWestAlexis Sobel Fitts
Yellowstone’s grizzly bears are spreading out and expanding their range. Is it a sign of good health—or increasing desperation?