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Brewers Oppose Weakening Coal Plant Water Pollution Limits

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
Today, 48 craft breweries around the country submitted a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency opposing the agency's proposal to weaken water pollution safeguards for coal-burning power plants.

Fifty Years After 1969: How Far Have We Come?

Expert BlogJon Devine
This week in 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts traveled to and walked on the moon. That same year, the Stonewall Uprising galvanized a civil rights movement that continues today. President Nixon was inaugurated. The first episode of “Sesame Street” aired. And…

What Are People Saying About Trump’s Dirty Water Rule?

Expert BlogJon Devine
The Trump administration wants to exclude at least half of the nation’s wetlands, along with millions of miles of streams, from protection under the Clean Water Act, consequently disabling numerous safeguards in the law, including programs that prevent oil spills…

Craft Brewers Oppose the Dirty Water Rule

Expert BlogBecky Hammer
A group of 59 craft breweries sent a letter to the EPA and Army Corps opposing the "Dirty Water Rule" proposal to slash clean water protections for waterways around the country.

Trump Administration Stripping Protection for Clean Water

Press Release
WASHINGTON – At a hearing today, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt indicated that the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will send to the Federal Register today a proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule.

Michigan Craft Brewers Raise a Glass to EPA’s Clean Water Rule

Press Release
CHICAGO (May 27, 2015) – Acknowledging the critical role of clean water for both brewers and the communities in which they operate, seven brewers in Michigan are raising a glass in support of EPA’s Clean Water Rule, announced today.

More Than a Drop in the Bucket

ExplainerUnited StatesJason Bittel
Making sure the Clean Water Act covers small streams and headwaters would protect the drinking water of millions of Americans.