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2023 Farm Bill Can Help Address Climate Crisis

Expert BlogWashington, D.C.Dr. Daniel Rath, Nina Sevilla, Allison Johnson
With the upcoming Farm Bill, Congress has the chance to make the economy-wide investments in our food system that the IPCC report states are necessary if we are to combat climate change.

5 Ways New Crop Insurance Bill Advances Soil Health

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant
The COVER Act offers farmers who plant cover crops—a soil health practice with climate, water, and biodiversity benefits—a savings of $5 per acre off their crop insurance bills.

Oysters: Raw Bar Delicacy or Climate Warrior?

DispatchNorth CarolinaJodi Helmer
The mighty bivalves are both, and this former schoolteacher and bartender seeks to inspire a new generation of aquaculturists while putting North Carolina oysters on the map.

Food Work & COVID: Farmworker Solutions for an Unjust System

Expert BlogUnited StatesMarisa Guerrero, Sara Imperiale, Margaret Brown, Sahana Rao

Farmworkers have long dealt with unsafe working and living conditions, low wages and lack of job security, disparate levels of food insecurity, and vulnerable immigration statuses—a dangerous combination of systemic injustices underpinned by racism in the food system. But as…

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Protecting Public Health

Expert BlogUnited StatesJuanita Constible

We need to ensure our essential infrastructure and health services are ready for this hurricane season and the increasingly dangerous hurricane seasons to come under climate change.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 2: The Principles

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant, Ellen Lee, Claire O'Connor, Arohi Sharma
In describing what regenerative agriculture means to them and how they embrace the philosophy on their operations, our 100+ regenerative grower interviewees shared a handful of principles that underpin their approach to farming and ranching.

Regenerative Agriculture Part 1: The Philosophy

Expert BlogUnited StatesLara Bryant, Claire O'Connor, Ellen Lee, Arohi Sharma
The climate dread was quickly replaced with hope and joy as we learned from Indigenous stewards, Black and Brown farmers, and growers of all shapes, sizes, and in all geographies about how agriculture, and the soil under our feet, can…

VA's Overly-Lucrative Monopoly Business Model Wears Thin

Expert BlogWalton Shepherd
Amid Virginia’s budgetary upheaval and ongoing economic pain, our electric system's bloat remains a shock: the SCC’s just-released annual report details more than half a billion dollars in Dominion overcharges to Virginia's millions of Dominion customers. More than ever, we…