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Defending Public Health

NRDC shines a light on growing risks—from exposure to harmful chemicals in our clothes, drinking water, and air to the health hazards of climate change—and delivers solutions.

A Historic Vote and the Way Forward

Expert BlogRhea Suh
In a record turnout for a midterm election, voters issued powerful rebuke of Trump’s reckless presidency. Now it’s time for leaders to step up and carry out the people’s will to protect our environment and health.

The Rise of Chile’s River Protectors

NRDC in ActionChileNicole Greenfield
For decades, NRDC has worked alongside Chileans who are fighting to save Patagonia’s wildest rivers from being yoked by massive hydroelectric dams.

Law Protecting Marine Mammals Turns 45, Congress To Kill It

Expert BlogTaryn Kiekow Heimer
How do you celebrate the 45th anniversary of the nation’s flagship law that has served as a bedrock for marine mammal protection and conservation? If you are NRDC and other groups, you celebrate its successes—the countless thousands of whales, dolphins…