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Killing Climate Action = Killing People

Expert BlogJuanita Constible
The Trump administration is continuing its war on health with an executive order that aims to claw back climate protections.

El aire contaminado hace más letal el coronavirus

Expert BlogVijay Limaye
Un nuevo estudio relaciona una mayor contaminación del aire con tasas de mortalidad más altas por COVID-19. Es importante que reduzcamos la enorme carga de la contaminación alrededor del país.

Climate Change and Health: Air Quality

MapUnited StatesKim Knowlton
Climate change threatens the air you breathe by fueling smog and ragweed pollen. About 4 in 10 Americans—nearly 127 million—live in areas with both unhealthy smog and ragweed, a new NRDC analysis finds. To avoid making asthma and allergies even…

Virginia Takes Big Step in Environmental Justice

Expert BlogDawone Robinson
The creation of the first-ever Environmental Justice Advisory Council in Virginia comes at just the right time, as the state has big problems facing its citizens