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Undersea mining spree: Scientists race to study the southeastern Pacific before it's too late

As mining interests deepen, researchers are racing the clock—and pushing the frontiers of science—to understand this unknown stretch of sea.

Whole Foods jumped the shark with plastic-enclosed oranges — but “convenience” is not the enemy

A grocery-store gaffe sparks an ethics debate over plastic packaging and the merits of convenience foods.

How a controversial firing may affect development along the California coastline

Conservationists are now watching the California Coastal Commission very closely.

New technology could take a bite out of food waste, one click at a time.

Online matchmaking isn't just for lovers—it's bringing would-be wasted food and hungry people together.

This Former Meatpacking Facility Is Now an Experiment in Sustainable Urban Ag

Come take a tour of "The Plant."

Why is it so easy for officials to cover up drinking water scandals?

Vague regulations let government officials hide drinking water contamination from the public.