Despite dire climate warnings, the Trump administration wants to pave the way for more coal-burning power plants

Credit: DB via Flickr

As its latest gift to the coal industry, the Trump administration wants to do away with an Obama-era rule requiring any new coal plants to be outfitted with carbon-capture and storage technology. In its place, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposes a do-nothing standard that won't limit the planet-warming emissions of these dirty power plants. The move is unsurprising, considering the administration’s long-standing love affair with coal. Since taking office, Trump has rolled back several climate protections, such as the the Clean Power Plan, that seek to curb the coal industry's carbon pollution. Though no one's building new coal plants in the United States, the EPA should be extending carbon capture requirements to other large polluters—rather than rolling them back here. The latest proposal is an egregious rebuke of last month’s high-profile climate science reports—the IPCC report and the National Climate Assessment—which both underline the need to move to clean energy if we want any shot at saving our planet.

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