The EPA is giving Americans just one chance to let the agency know what they think about Trump's so-called climate plan

Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

Following its proposal to repeal and replace the Clean Power Plan, arguably the most significant Obama-era climate policy, the Trump administration is now holding just one public hearing on its greatly weakened plan—dubbed the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. The rule, which would be neither affordable nor clean, is really just a way for Trump to prop up coal-burning power plants, and experts say that each year, it would cause up to 1,400 more pollution-related deaths than would occur under the Clean Power Plan. Public hearings are a way for federal agencies to gather input from all Americans and various stakeholders before finalizing a rule. (The Obama administration held multiple public hearings and even more stakeholder meetings on the original Clean Power Plan.) But when the only stakeholders you care about are industry insiders, the Trump administration may see no point in receiving negative feedback from Americans who will suffer (rather than profit) from its rollback. The single hearing is scheduled for October 1 in Chicago.

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