The EPA hires yet another climate change denier for a top post

Credit: Associated Press

Of course, Cathy Stepp got the job. The current secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is heading to Kansas City to become second in command at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 7 office. Her qualifications? The Wisconsin State Journal reports, Stepp doubts human activity is the primary cause of climate change and has instructed her department to remove from its website mentions of how carbon emissions are contributing to global warming (a common practice of the Trump administration). And during her tenure as Wisconsin’s DNR secretary, funding for science and research was cut, and enforcement actions dropped while state park fees rose. “Of the seven DNR secretaries I have known,” says George Meyer, a former DNR secretary who now directs the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, “she clearly had the worst record in terms of standing up for protection of natural resources, whether it was water, air, or fish and wildlife.” Alas, in this administration, such records push your resume to the top of the pile. 

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