EPA's Pruitt lies about his oil and gas emails (again)

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's credibility has taken yet another hit over lying about his emails. Pruitt has given at least two different answers about his email use as Attorney General of Oklahoma. In his initial Senate confirmation hearing back in January, he testified that he had only one government email address in his previous job, and that he handled all personal emails through a different account. Pruitt had to revise this statement in February, after the Center for Media and Democracy discovered official business emails sent from Pruitt’s personal account. 

Now a third email account has come to light, one Pruitt never disclosed. Several senators, who are understandably unhappy with the EPA chief, sent him a letter demanding answers. A portion of it read: 

The EPW Committee asked you to identify all email addresses you used as Attorney General when it was considering your nomination to be Administrator of the EPA. After providing an initial incorrect response, you corrected your answer. Then you had to correct your answer again with a second email address. Now it appears you will have to correct the record a third time. The Oklahoma Bar Association is already investigating whether your testimony to Congress involved 'dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation' in violation of Oklahoma Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4. This latest omission is plainly relevant to that inquiry.

Was Pruitt trying to hide his official communications with big polluters? The American people, whom he is entrusted to protect, deserve to know.

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