Kill a bear cub in its den? Shoot caribou from a boat? Yes, says the Trump administration.

In a move being called “barbaric” and “inhumane” by conservationists and animal rights activists, the Trump administration has again proposed stripping protections from Alaskan wildlife. On 20 million acres of federal lands, the rollback would allow extreme hunting practices such as killing bear cubs and wolf and coyote pups in their dens, using dogs to hunt black bears, and shooting swimming caribou from boats. The administration's reasoning is to “establish consistency” with state regulations and increase hunting opportunities, but critics argue that it's just another gift to trophy hunters. The proposal comes on the heels of the administration’s decisions to allow the importation of elephant trophies and remove Yellowstone grizzlies from the Endangered Species Act list. The U.S. Department of the Interior needs a reminder that our public lands are more than a private shooting range.

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