Meet your new fossil fuel–loving EPA chief, Andrew Wheeler

Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP

With a 52–47 vote, the Senate confirmed former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler today as the new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator. Too bad he’s already proven himself unfit for the job. Wheeler took over as acting administrator last July, when his scandal-plagued predecessor, Scott Pruitt, stepped down. Since then, he’s picked up right where Pruitt left off, attacking environmental and public health protections like fuel-efficiency standards and the Clean Water Rule. He’s also done zilch to address our greatest environmental crisis yet—climate change—despite an alarming report from the IPCC (and one from the Pentagon and another one from about a dozen federal agencies) urging us to do so. While Wheeler’s industry pals are celebrating his promotion, we’ll be buckling up to fight his continued rollbacks in court.

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