New wildlife "conservation" council, full of trophy hunters, convenes for first time

The Trump administration loves putting people in charge of the things they hate, and the International Wildlife Conservation Council is no different. The group, which convened for the first time, is full of hunters who enjoy killing animals for sport. (And, sorry, but this does not somehow support endangered species.) The Ryan Zinke–appointed members could not be more upfront about their anti-animal bias: One co-owns an upstate New York hunting preserve with Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., and is a vice president for a gun maker; another is the NRA’s director of hunting policy. Other “conservationist” credentials for panel members? Hosting a hunting show on TV, coproducing a contest called "Extreme Huntress," and raising $1 million for the Trump campaign. Meanwhile, notably absent from the group are scientists, representatives of legitimate conservation programs, wildlife experts, and anyone who would rather protect an animal than shoot it and mount it to their wall.


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