Trump assures automakers that fast permits and fewer regulations are down the road

In a meeting at the White House today with several auto industry CEOs, President Trump continued to emphasize his commitment to boosting business by cutting corporate taxes and rolling back federal regulations “bigly.” While claiming to be “to a large extent an environmentalist,” Trump nevertheless stated that the government’s environmental regulations are “out of control. The meeting came on the heels of harsh criticism from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former California governor ripped Trump’s EPA pick, Scott Pruitt, for suggesting that the Golden State may no longer be allowed to set its own stricter emission rules for cars and trucks. “My Republican colleague here is all about states' rights—except the right to clean air & save lives from pollution,” Schwarzenegger tweeted. He added, “I hope my friends in Congress won't let him get away with this junk logic. But CA has won this battle before and we will again if necessary.”


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