Trump protects Jaguars—the four-wheeled kind—instead of public health

Credit: P&P Photo/Flickr

Americans know that cleaner cars save them money, reduce dependence on oil, and protect their health from pollution. President Trump knows that he likes to boost corporate profits. Perhaps that’s why he’s considering easing the fines for automakers who fail to meet current clean car standards. Since the mid-1970s, the penalty for falling short on fuel-economy standards has been $55 for each mile per gallon over, per vehicle sold. In order to account for more than 40 years of inflation, the Obama administration proposed a rule that would raise that fine to $140 for each mile per gallon. Carmakers have been complaining about the higher fines—particularly for luxury gas guzzlers like Jaguars—and appealed to Trump for leniency. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration responded by putting the pollution-cutting rule on ice.

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