Trump, still committed to a terrible idea, takes next step to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement

Credit: Christopher Michel

Just weeks after the largest mobilization for climate action in history, President Trump has sent a letter notifying the United Nations that the United States wishes to formally withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Today was the first day Trump was technically able to do so under the agreement. The landmark 2015 climate initiative commits the nearly 200 participating nations to reducing their planet-warming carbon emissions—particularly those nations (ahem, like the United States) that have already contributed more than their fair share. Though Trump’s move has long been expected, one would have hoped that a year of dire climate reports and extreme weather events would be motivating enough to make the president change his mind—apparently not. But not all hope is lost: The formal decision kicks off a year-long withdrawal process—one that the next president could undo within 30 days of taking office. Meanwhile, state, city and local leaders can continue to reduce emissions, Paris Agreement or not. 

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