White House silences climate warnings from its own intelligence department

Credit: Alamy

In one of the most damning examples of the Trump administration’s chronic censorship of climate change information, the White House blocked a State Department intelligence official from presenting a report to the House Intelligence Committee on the “possibly catastrophic” impacts of warming temperatures. The decision keeps the official’s written testimony—that climate change will “weaken the social, political, economic environmental or infrastructure systems that support people”—out of the federal record. The White House silenced the report’s conclusions because they didn’t “jibe” with Trump’s stated positions on climate. In White House notes on the report, obtained by the Washington Post, Trump officials dub the science as “climate alarm propaganda” and the phrase “tipping point” as “a propaganda slogan for the scientifically illiterate.” We’re with you on the propaganda bit...just not who’s guilty of it. 


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