Zinke alters science, endangers national parks in delayed flood report

Credit: Charles Patrick Ewing/Flickr

Update: The National Park Service has now released the report with the appropriate references to manmade climate change restored. 

No big surprise here: An analysis of a recent draft of a report on how sea-level rise and storm surges may affect 118 coastal national parks has found that a National Park Service official has deleted every mention of humanity's contribution to global warming from the text. The report, the publication of which has already been delayed by 10 months, would have included maps that highlight high-risk areas, shown how climate change may affect those risk levels, and advised park management in storm preparation, a task made more relevant by the country's recent barrage of historic natural disasters. Such maps, for instance, might have helped with evacuation planning prior to Hurricanes Irma and Maria last summer. The unethical editing stands in stark contrast to U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recent testimony to Congress that his agency has not been altering science to meet a political narrative. Suuure, Zinke. Let me guess...these edits weren’t caused by humans, either?

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