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Off-road vehicles banned from tortoise habitat (12/30/04)
Bush oil and gas drilling policy forces taxpayers to pay a heavy cleanup price (12/26/04)
National forest rules rewritten to help timber industry (12/22/04)
Lamprey loses out on ESA listing (12/22/04)
Industry rewrites government article on perchlorate dangers (12/19/04)
Bush administration officials accused of downplaying danger of water diversion to fish populations (12/19/04)
Bush administration impedes progress at international global warming talks (12/18/04)
Interior Department official sides with industry over wildlife protections (12/18/04)

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Bush administration fails to protect endangered fish from harmful dams (11/30/04)
Bush administration deal cuts critical habitat for salmon (11/30/04)
EPA will accept pesticide studies of human subjects (11/30/04)
EPA tells small incinerators to clean up (11/30/04)
Bush signs bills to protect some wildlands (11/30/04)
Bush administration officials win exemption from international pesticide ban (11/26/04)
EPA stifles internal agency dissent over roadless rule (11/26/04)
Bush administration accepts global warming science but balks at solutions (11/24/04)

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Advisory board faults Park Service science (10/28/04)
White House stifles global warming data, says NASA top official (10/27/04)
Bush proposal to restrict dam appeals helps hydropower industry (10/27/04)
BLM misstates size of Roan Plateau natural gas reserves (10/27/04)
Environmentalists and EPA employees criticize coalbed methane mining (10/22/04)
Southern California to receive more water at the expense of imperiled fish species (10/22/04)
Bush administration's environmental policies ignore science, scientists say (10/19/04)
Snowmobiles revving up for Yellowstone again (10/15/04)

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Camouflaged drilling wells won't hide the real problem, critics say (09/30/04)
Bush weakens decades old rule that protects wildife in forests (09/29/04)
Drill first, ask questions later on public lands (09/26/04)
EPA air policy penned by polluting industries (09/22/04)
Endangered dragonfly wins habitat protection (09/20/04)
USDA rule could triple use of ozone-depleting pesticide (09/16/04)
State Department attempts to bury global warming reports (09/16/04)
Feds preparing to remove grizzly protections (09/12/04)

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EPA proposes easing standard on toxic metal (08/31/04)
Despite risk to salmon, dams to stay (08/31/04)
Bush administration finally acknowledges human causes of global warming (08/25/04)
Park Service issues new snowmobile plan for Yellowstone (08/19/04)
Department of Homeland Security aims to sidestep environmental reviews (08/16/04)
Health agency colludes with industry to downplay risks of toxic metal (08/15/04)
Prairie dog no longer candidate for ESA protections (08/13/04)
EPA scrutinized for issuing industry-friendly laundry rule (08/13/04)

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Bush administration forced to reconsider mouse habitat protection (07/29/04)
BLM issuing record number of drilling permits (07/29/04)
Endangered minnow loses protected habitat in three states (07/29/04)
Budget crunch hampers EPA Superfund cleanup (07/28/04)
Bush forest policy shortchanges rural communities (07/27/04)
Less protection for imperiled tiger salamanders (07/26/04)
EPA tells General Electric: more dredging, not less (07/22/04)
Whistleblowing Florida panther scientist will be fired (07/20/04)

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GAO criticizes Pentagon for perchlorate pollution (06/30/04)
BLM holds largest federal lands auction in Utah history (06/25/04)
EPA resists further mercury studies (06/25/04)
EPA goes soft on pollution control for oil refineries (06/25/04)
EPA lifts ban on drilling in Gulf of Mexico (06/24/04)
Bush administration protecting less wildlife habitat than federal biologists recommend (06/24/04)
Federal government forced to protect bull trout (06/23/04)
Missouri River restoration battle takes bad turn for wildlife (06/22/04)

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EPA bows to pressure to find "lost" mercury pollution (05/30/04)
For the EPA, wet asbestos removal up in the air (05/30/04)
Budget cuts hurting national parks, reports watchdog group (05/28/04)
Corps loosens clean water, stream protections for mountaintop removal mining (05/28/04)
Park Service seeks delay in Yellowstone snowmobile decision (05/28/04)
Reversing course, U.S. Army maintains environmental protections (05/27/04)
Bush administration may roll back fuel standards (05/27/04)
Public given limited access to drinking water information (05/27/04)

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Pentagon misses deadline on perchlorate report (04/30/04)
Smoggy skies affecting more than half of all Americans (04/29/04)
EPA air experts accuse Bush administration of altering science (04/29/04)
Interior Dept. limiting "critical habitat" protection (04/28/04)
Hatchery fish to be counted under ESA (04/28/04)
Court questions industry-friendly EPA fertilizer rule (04/23/04)
Church leaders chastise President Bush for bad air policies (04/22/04)
EPA stands firm on sulfur regulations (04/22/04)

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Court orders Energy Department to release more Cheney task force records (03/31/04)
EPA chief Leavitt failing to lay down the law (03/31/04)
Yellowstone bison slaughtered to please ranchers (03/31/04)
Plans for Phoenix mine reborn (03/31/04)
New EPA storm-water rule won't control polluted runoff (03/31/04)
EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)
EPA uses utility company memos to craft controversial mercury policy (03/30/04)
Court orders Bush administration to stop hiding forest documents (03/30/04)

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More drilling slated for Padre Island (02/27/04)
DOE holds nuke cleanup funds hostage (02/26/04)
More industry materials borrowed by EPA for its mercury rule (02/26/04)
Missouri River management plan ignores fish protections (02/26/04)
Fish and Wildlife Service gives sucker fish a break (02/25/04)
Bush cuts funding for endangered species (02/25/04)
Federal mining whistleblower silenced, demoted (02/24/04)
Get the lead out: EPA fails to protect D.C. drinking water (02/23/04)

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EPA's mercury pollution plan mirrors industry's recommendations (01/30/04)
Bush administration leaves nuclear plant safety up to contractors (01/29/04)
Energy Department promoting carbon sequestration (01/27/04)
White House wants to let EPA ignore pesticide consultations (01/27/04)
EPA touts new, cleaner cars (01/26/04)
White House offers small funding boost for Northwest salmon recovery (01/26/04)
Forest Service to boost logging in Appalachian forests (01/23/04)
Forest Service drops "survey and manage" rule for loggers (01/23/04)

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