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NRDC is the nation's most effective environmental action organization. We use law, science and the support of more than 1 million members and online activists to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things. Learn More about NRDC Become a Member
The Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau reports that NRDC meets its highest standards for accountability and use of donor funds.
Worth Magazine
"One of America's 100 Best Charities. . . . Even by environmentalist standards, this is a relentless group of lawyers and scientists."

The New York Times
"One of the nation's most powerful environmental groups."
The Wall Street Journal
"NRDC is by many accounts, the most effective lobbying and litigating group on environmental issues."
U.S. News & World Report
"NRDC's lawyers are said by eco-observers to know more about environmental law than the government does."
Eco Magazine
"By almost any measure, the most influential national environmental organization is NRDC."
San Francisco Chronicle
"NRDC is one of the most effective environmental litigators on the globe."
The National Journal
"A credible and forceful advocate for stringent environmental protection; you'd like NRDC on your side if you wanted the federal government to do something on a major policy matter . . ."
The Washington Monthly
"When an environmental cause needs first-class legal representation, it turns to NRDC."
The Wall Street Journal
"It's hard to find a major environmental law it hasn't helped shape within Congress, the courts and federal agencies."


"Today, in a time when Congress would take the names of Americans off the deeds to their own public lands, it is reassuring that NRDC is on guard with its excellent attorneys, policy analysts, and scientists . . . Now, more than ever, NRDC is indispensable."
-- Jim Baca, former director, Bureau of Land Management

"NRDC's lawyers have literally written the laws that protect the environment . . ."
-- David Getches, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Colorado Law School
"NRDC, more than any other major national environmental group, has made energy efficiency a cornerstone in its work to build both a more prosperous and fairer economy and a cleaner, safer world."
-- Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute

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NRDC Gets Top Ratings from the Charity Watchdogs

Charity Navigator awards NRDC its 4-star top rating.
Worth magazine named NRDC one of America's 100 best charities.
NRDC meets the highest standards of the Wise Giving Alliance of the Better Business Bureau.

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