About NRDC: Programs

About NRDC - Programs


For bios of the NRDC scientists, lawyers and policy experts who work on the issues described here, see our Expert Finder.

The Air/Energy Program focuses on clean air standards, global warming, transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric-industry restructuring.

The Health Program works on issues involving safe drinking water, pesticides, industrial chemicals and other environmental health threats (especially to children), and looks for opportunities to reduce the use and release of toxics into the environment.

The International Program, often in association with other programs, works on rainforests, biodiversity, habitat preservation, oceans and marine life, nuclear weapons and global warming.

The Land Program works to protect the biological, ecological and natural values of our national forests, parks and other public lands, to promote improved management of private forest lands, and to reduce U.S. consumption of products made from wood.

The Nuclear Program surveys and analyzes developments on a variety of nuclear weapon issues ranging from keeping track of global arsenals and the status of arms treaties, to the problems of waste and fissile material disposition, security and control.

The Urban Program focuses on environmental problems confronting our major urban centers and surrounding areas. Major issues include air and water quality, habitat and open space, garbage and recycling, transportation, water supply, sprawl, and environmental justice.

The Water and Oceans Program works to protect and restore the nation's water quality, fish populations, wetlands and oceans and undertakes key regional initiatives in pursuit of these goals in areas such as the Everglades, San Francisco Bay, the San Joaquin River, the Channel Islands and the New York/New Jersey Harbor-Bight.

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