Clean Air Saves Lives

Clean Air Saves Lives

NRDC spoke with several families who struggle with asthma, a condition that air pollution frequently makes worse. Here are their real stories. Read more »

Industry's Assault on the EPA and the Clean Air Act

It is important to understand that the EPA is one of our major success stories, representing vital problem-solving on a national scale, and that we should support the EPA doing its job. Read more »

NRDC's Dump Dirty Diesel Campaign

NRDC's Dump Dirty Diesel Campaign

For the past two decades, NRDC has been a leader in local, state, national, and international efforts to solve the problem of dirty diesel exhaust, creating groundbreaking programs to reduce community exposure to dirty diesel exhaust while demonstrating clean diesel and alternative fuel solutions. Read more »

Gasping for Air: Toxic Pollutants Continue to Make Millions Sick and Shorten Lives

Forty years of Clean Air Act programs have brought steady and life-saving improvements to our air quality. Despite this important progress, however, many fossil fuel power plants, boilers, and cement plants continue to treat our skies like sewers. Read more »

Dirty Coal vs Clean Energy

Dirty Coal vs Clean Energy

Why choose 19th century pollution when we have 21st century solutions? Read more »

Climate Change Threatens Health: Air Pollution

Rising temperatures can make smog pollution worse and increase the number of "bad air days" when it's hard to breathe. This puts many of us at risk for irritated eyes, noses, and lungs -- but it is particularly dangerous for people with respiratory diseases like asthma. As the climate changes, unhealthy air pollution will get worse. Read more »

The Negative Impacts of Air Pollution on Latino Communities

The Negative Impacts of Air Pollution on Latino Communities

Since 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has protected public health by setting and enforcing standards to protect the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. Currently, however, some members of Congress are seeking to stop the EPA from protecting public health, by rolling back existing laws like the Clean Air Act and blocking needed clean air protections. Research shows that Latino communities are often hit hardest by the health impacts of dirty air. Read more »

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Air pollution, both indoors and outdoors, poses health risks to millions of Americans every day, contributing to asthma, emphysema, heart disease, and other potentially lethal conditions. Managing air pollution causes, and defending successful safeguards like the Clean Air Act, is critical to the human, economic, and environmental health of our communities.

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