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EPA exempts oil and gas industry from stormwater pollution rules (12/30/02)
Bush administration backtracking on policy of 'no net loss" of wetlands (12/26/02)
Judge deals setback to Bush oil drilling plans in Utah (12/23/02)
Bush administration weakens federal program for cleaning up dirty waters (12/21/02)
Judge slaps restraining order on plan to dredge Snake River (12/20/02)
BLM denies drilling access in Colorado wildlife range (12/20/02)
Judge gives Department of Interior extension on manatee plan (12/19/02)
White House begins process of relaxing government regulations for industry (12/19/02)

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Forest Service rewriting rules to increase logging, remove wildlife safeguards (11/26/02)
Bush administration wants to expedite logging at expense of fish in Northwest forests (11/25/02)
EPA proposes weakening of Clean Air Act (11/22/02)
Bush administration opens national park to drilling (11/22/02)
Interior plans to limit environmental reviews for grazing (11/18/02)
EPA agrees to clean up smog pollution (11/14/02)
Bush administration outlines steps for nuclear security (11/14/02)
Bush administration reverses snowmobile ban for national parks (11/12/02)

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EPA halts funding at several Superfund sites (10/31/02)
Bush administration doles out political treats on Halloween (10/31/02)
EPA set to launch new study on causes of asthma (10/31/02)
Interior Department finally designates manatee-protection zones (10/31/02)
Interior Department joining fight for Nevada cat litter mine (10/31/02)
Energy Task Force: Tsk, Tsk, Tsk (10/30/02)
Interior Department to oppose commercial whaling (10/30/02)
EPA approves Louisiana's controversial pollution-trading program (10/29/02)

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New EPA water quality report shows U.S. waters are getting dirtier (09/30/02)
Bush administration rewriting rules to boost logging in Northwest (09/30/02)
Bush administration relinquishing federal water rights (09/30/02)
Bush administration revives controversial California gold mine (09/27/02)
Bush administration plans to lift federal protection on wolves (09/25/02)
Bush administration to reconsider Clean Water Act protections (09/19/02)
Forest Service smoothing the rails for Bush's logging proposals (09/19/02)
Bush orders agencies to streamline environmental review of transportation projects (09/18/02)

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Bush's new wildfire expert no friend of forests (08/30/02)
Interior Dept. approves water storage under Mojave Desert (08/29/02)
U.S. undermines renewable energy proposal at World Summit (08/27/02)
White House Utah drilling plans under fire from local businesses (08/26/02)
Bush administration abandons California water plan (08/23/02)
Bush calls for increased logging in the name of fire prevention (08/22/02)
Interior Department allows more air pollution at national park (08/22/02)
Bush administration weakens whale protections that hindered oil and gas industry (08/22/02)

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Bush administration supports protecting endangered foreign fish (07/31/02)
EPA seeks cleaner motorbikes, boats (07/29/02)
Bush uses national security to gain corporate secrecy and immunity (07/26/02)
Another EPA official resigns in protest over Bush policies (07/25/02)
Bush administration plans to give away oil and coal holdings in Utah (07/25/02)
Fish and Wildlife Service reneges on manatee protection plan (07/24/02)
Bush's revised Everglades plan falls short of restoration goals (07/23/02)
EPA restores some Superfund monies (07/21/02)

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Bush slashing EPA funding for toxic cleanups (06/30/02)
FWS flip-flops on trout protection (06/26/02)
EPA stymied investigation of Yucca Mountain radiation standards (06/25/02)
Snowmobiles to be restricted, not banned in parks (06/25/02)
Bush administration blames wildfires on environmentalists (06/25/02)
EPA backs off mandatory plan to clean up stormwater pollution (06/24/02)
Bush administration backtracks on land preservation (06/19/02)
Judge rejects Corps request to lift ban on mining pollution (06/17/02)

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Bush blocks Florida Gulf, Glades drilling (05/29/02)
Bush administration lets construction companies off the hook for protecting environment (05/24/02)
Bush-Putin Summit Produces Deeply Flawed Nuclear Arms Treaty (05/24/02)
Bush administration rolls back air conditioner energy efficiency standards (05/23/02)
Army Corps of Engineers' flip-flops on project reviews further damage its credibility (05/23/02)
Bush administration sends conflicting signal on Clean Air Act enforcement (05/21/02)
Bush administration lifts ban on mining in Oregon national forest (05/21/02)
Federal scientists say Columbia dredging won't hurt salmon (05/20/02)

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Powder River drilling leases ruled illegal (04/30/02)
Huge win in the battle over snowmobiles in national parks (04/30/02)
NRDC issues subpoena to former head of White House energy task force (04/29/02)
White House rejected more stringent EPA air-pollution proposal before issuing so-called "Clear Skies" plan (04/28/02)
Bush administration debates management of monuments (04/24/02)
Administration establishes habitat protections for endangered kangaroo rat (04/23/02)
Norton vows to limit Florida oil drilling (04/23/02)
EPA watchdog resigns in protest over Bush policies (04/22/02)

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BLM proposal could doom California dunes (03/29/02)
Forest Service reverses mine approval (03/29/02)
Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)
Bush administration revisiting Rocky Mountain Front protections (03/28/02)
BLM sets sights on drilling Powder River basin (03/27/02)
Energy Department papers show industry is the real author of administration's energy policy (03/27/02)
White House misuses clean energy funds to print dirty energy plan (03/25/02)
Endangered species habitat under attack (03/19/02)

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Energy Dept. ordered to release task force records to NRDC (02/27/02)
Top EPA official resigns in protest of Bush's pro-polluter policies (02/27/02)
Bureau of Reclamation Klamath plan endangers fish (02/27/02)
EPA official admits that Bush clean air plan is weak (02/26/02)
Bush administration intends to shift Superfund cleanup from polluters to taxpayers (02/23/02)
BLM rule could block federal land protection (02/22/02)
Corps doesn't give a dam for Snake River salmon (02/21/02)
Snowmobile ban dealt another blow (02/19/02)

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Court asked to force immediate release of secret energy task force details (01/30/02)
Bush administration refusing to release energy task force records (01/28/02)
Agency pushes oil exploration near Utah park (01/24/02)
New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)
Forest Service appeals salvage logging legal decision (01/22/02)
BLM backs gas drilling in national monument (01/21/02)
Interior proposes spending boost for refuges (01/21/02)
Coming Soon: More logging in the Pacific Northwest (01/18/02)

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