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EPA to make toxics reporting standards more lenient for industry (09/16/05)

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BLM director encouraged ranchers' lawsuits against her own agency (08/29/05)
White House proposes weak fuel economy standards for gas guzzlers (08/23/05)
Federal judge rebukes Bush administration for downgrading salamander protections (08/19/05)
Bush administration devalues estimated contribution of forest recreation to economy (08/15/05)
Bush administration slashes habitat protections for salmon (08/12/05)
Federal agency halves seasonal wetlands habitat (08/12/05)
Park Service spending millions more on Yellowstone snowmobiling study (08/10/05)
Alaskan sea otter gets Endangered Species Act protection (08/09/05)

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Federal judge says San Joaquin River water contracts hurt endangered species (07/28/05)
EPA’s public relations campaign a waste of funds, says group (07/26/05)
EPA shelves bad-news report about auto fuel efficiency until after energy bill vote (07/26/05)
Interior Dept. drills away environmental protections (07/21/05)
BLM's new grazing rules issued in disregard of gov't scientists' concerns (07/16/05)
FDA experts often culled from the ranks of industry (07/14/05)
Federal fisheries agency broke the law, investigation finds (07/13/05)
Bush administration expands popular energy conservation program (07/10/05)

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BLM limits citizen input on drilling on public lands (06/30/05)
EPA to allow mine wastewater discharge into Alaskan bay (06/29/05)
FWS reinstates whistle-blower employee (06/29/05)
New fisheries rules could harm fish (06/22/05)
New fisheries rules could harm fish (06/22/05)
Pentagon ignored perchlorate pollution, GAO finds (06/21/05)
Former oil lobbyist employed by White House leaves to join ExxonMobil (06/15/05)
Bush administration disregards science on grazing damage (06/15/05)

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Forest Service employee punished for reporting pesticide misuse (05/27/05)
Bush visit fails to boost morale at the EPA (05/26/05)
Judge rules Bush administration played down threat to endangered fish (05/26/05)
EPA gives money for beach monitoring programs (05/25/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service denies protection for pygmy rabbit (05/24/05)
EPA dumps its sewage dumping proposal (05/19/05)
Bush administration agrees to protect desert plants in Utah (05/17/05)
White House pushes nuclear power plants (05/17/05)

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Energy development not hampered by lack of drilling permits (04/28/05)
BLM underestimates wildlife threats from drilling in Colorado (04/21/05)
EPA's mercury pollution plan won't meet reduction targets on time (04/21/05)
BLM shutting out public on Wyoming drilling plans (04/14/05)
EPA proposes weaker selenium standard (04/13/05)
Federal wildlife officials drastically trim endangered toad protections (04/13/05)
EPA decides against testing pesticides on children (04/08/05)
FWS cites national security as reason to reduce habitat protection in California (04/08/05)

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EPA cracks down on coke plant pollution (03/31/05)
States sue EPA over new mercury rule (03/29/05)
White House weakens EPA cancer safeguards (03/29/05)
BLM plans to open up protected desert land to recreation and development (03/24/05)
Florida crocodiles to lose endangered status (03/24/05)
Bush administration appeals mountaintop mining defeat (03/18/05)
EPA inspector general to review hydraulic fracturing study (03/17/05)
EPA weakens mercury reduction requirements for power plants (03/15/05)

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Federal court rules illegal EPA's lax factory-farm pollution rule (02/28/05)
UN environmental summit agrees to voluntary approach to reduce mercury pollution (02/25/05)
EPA seeks controversial expansion of voluntary pollution-reduction programs (02/23/05)
Judge approves off-road vehicle restrictions in Florida's Big Cypress Preserve (02/22/05)
Judge approves off-road vehicle restrictions in Florida's Big Cypress Preserve (02/22/05)
Forest Service sued over its Sierra Nevada logging plan (02/20/05)
EPA making illegal, secret agreements with pesticide makers, NRDC charges (02/17/05)
Bush points to technology as key to climate change fix (02/17/05)

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More pollution at national parks promised by Bush drilling juggernaut (01/28/05)
FWS removes federal protections for imperiled mouse (01/28/05)
BLM opens tortoise habitat to motorized recreation (01/27/05)
Fish and Wildlife Service discards scientific advances on endangered species (01/27/05)
Otero Mesa grassland opened to drilling (01/24/05)
EPA shirks the growing electronics-waste dilemma (01/21/05)
EPA grants amnesty to polluting factory farms (01/21/05)
Industry buys access to Bush inauguration (01/20/05)

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