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Making Energy Policy
EPA shelves bad-news report about auto fuel efficiency until after energy bill vote (07/26/05)
Former oil lobbyist employed by White House leaves to join ExxonMobil (06/15/05)
Industry buys access to Bush inauguration (01/20/05)
President Bush touts "environmental benefits" of nuclear power (01/10/05)
Lobbyists rub elbows and tee off with federal policy-makers at industry junket (01/05/05)
Bush oil and gas drilling policy forces taxpayers to pay a heavy cleanup price (12/26/04)
BLM whistleblower pays price for reporting mining pollution (11/10/04)
White House stifles global warming data, says NASA top official (10/27/04)

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Energy and Public Lands
BLM makes environmental cleanup optional for oil and gas companies (08/05/05)
Interior Dept. may allow increased natural gas drilling in Utah canyon (08/02/05)
Interior Dept. drills away environmental protections (07/21/05)
BLM pays oil and gas industry to work on drilling permits (07/08/05)
BLM limits citizen input on drilling on public lands (06/30/05)
BLM opens Otero Mesa for oil and gas development (06/07/05)
Energy development not hampered by lack of drilling permits (04/28/05)
BLM underestimates wildlife threats from drilling in Colorado (04/21/05)

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Clean Vehicles
White House proposes weak fuel economy standards for gas guzzlers (08/23/05)
DOT perpetuates the dual-fuel fraud (02/18/04)
EPA touts new, cleaner cars (01/26/04)
United States and European Union teaming up on hydrogen fuel cells (06/16/03)
EPA reports record drop in fuel economy (04/30/03)
EPA cracks down on diesel pollution (04/15/03)
Bush administration slightly raises SUV gas mileage requirements (04/01/03)
White House fuel cell plan ignores todayís oil insecurity (02/06/03)

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Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
Bush administration expands popular energy conservation program (07/10/05)
Federal court rejects EPA snowmobile standards (06/01/04)
Department of Energy agrees to enforce higher efficiency standards for air conditioners (04/02/04)
EPA overestimating fuel economy data, environmentalists charge (04/02/04)
USDA grant program makes energy the new cash crop (12/12/03)
Bush administration opposes renewable energy requirement (07/19/02)
Bush administration rolls back air conditioner energy efficiency standards (05/23/02)
DOE to fund biomass research (09/19/01)

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Power Plant Pollution
EPA to keep new Clean Air Act regulations that increase pollution (06/02/05)
EPA's mercury pollution plan won't meet reduction targets on time (04/21/05)
EPA weakens mercury reduction requirements for power plants (03/15/05)
EPA issues rule to reduce power plant pollution in many states (03/10/05)
Congressional watchdog agency concludes EPA distorted mercury analysis (03/07/05)
Bush administration air pollution plan would exempt 58,000 industrial sources (03/01/05)
EPA mercury proposal favors industry, says agency's inspector general (02/03/05)
Clear Skies would let plants pollute more, study concludes (01/13/05)

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Diesel Emissions
EPA finally agrees to set standards for stationary diesel engines (07/15/04)
Non-road diesel roadless rule to save lives by reducing pollution (05/10/04)
EPA calls for cleaner diesel trucks (03/04/04)
Bush administration refuses to crack down on diesel pollution (06/07/02)
EPA upholds Clinton decision to clean up diesel pollution (02/28/01)

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Global Warming
Bush admits humans cause global warming, but rebuffs action (07/06/05)
EPA scuttled global warming videos to avoid White House wrath (07/01/05)
White House white-washes global warming data (06/08/05)
Bush points to technology as key to climate change fix (02/17/05)
EPA environmental report to include global warming data (02/03/05)
Bush administration impedes progress at international global warming talks (12/18/04)
Bush administration accepts global warming science but balks at solutions (11/24/04)
Bush administration agrees to capture methane gas (11/16/04)

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