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Bush admits humans cause global warming, but rebuffs action (07/06/05)
EPA scuttled global warming videos to avoid White House wrath (07/01/05)
White House white-washes global warming data (06/08/05)
Bush points to technology as key to climate change fix (02/17/05)
EPA environmental report to include global warming data (02/03/05)
Bush administration impedes progress at international global warming talks (12/18/04)
Bush administration accepts global warming science but balks at solutions (11/24/04)
Bush administration agrees to capture methane gas (11/16/04)
Bush administration ignoring scientific evidence on global warming (11/08/04)
Top EPA air official tells industries it will need to reduce greenhouse gases (10/12/04)
Bush administration slashes funding for global warming research (06/03/04)
EPA will cover climate change, for a change (06/02/04)
Bush administration claims it's misunderstood on global warming (05/10/04)
Secret Pentagon report details global warming threat (02/22/04)
Scientists accuse White House of distorting science for political gains (02/18/04)
Energy Department promoting carbon sequestration (01/27/04)
Court upholds stronger energy-efficiency standards (01/13/04)
Bush's global warming plan produces negligible results (01/01/04)
EPA revs up motorcycle pollution plan (12/23/03)
Bush administration seeks increase in use of ozone-depleting pesticide (11/14/03)
White House plays down global warming evidence (09/21/03)
EPA passes the buck on regulating global warming pollution from cars (08/28/03)
EPA on global warming gases: Bring 'em on! (08/28/03)
Bush climate plan all study, no action (07/24/03)
White House whitewashes EPA environment report (06/23/03)
Department of Agriculture encouraging farmers to cut greenhouse gas (06/06/03)
Bush administration to build world's first emission-free power plant (02/27/03)
Scientists debunk Bush's global warming plan (02/25/03)
White House ordered to reveal climate change documents (02/21/03)
White House gets industry support for voluntary pollution cuts (02/12/03)
Bush administration fosters policy of delay on global warming (12/04/02)
EPA omits global warming section from pollution report (09/15/02)
Bush administration stalls on global warming solution (07/10/02)
Bush and Whitman distance themselves from EPA global warming report (06/12/02)
Bush administration finally admits big trouble from global warming (06/03/02)
Bush administration ousts top global warming scientist (04/19/02)
Bush clean air plan would boost coal use (04/17/02)
Bush administration trying to dump global warming scientist (04/02/02)
White House global warming plan "cooks the books" (02/14/02)
Bush unlikely to offer alternative global warming plan (07/26/01)
NRDC praises global warming agreement; calls on Bush to reconsider (07/23/01)
Bush outlines an 'all talk, no action' approach to global warming (07/13/01)
Bush budget cuts for international global warming programs more significant than reported (07/12/01)
NRDC to President Bush: Get serious about global warming (06/11/01)
Bush administration rejects Kyoto Protocol (03/28/01)
Bush retreats from campaign promise to reduce carbon pollution (03/13/01)

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