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NRDC's staff and 1.3 million members and online activists work with businesses and other partners to protect public health and our natural environment. Whether assisting international corporations, local businesses or professional sports teams, NRDC is helping them reduce their environmental impacts and share their successes with their peers.

Our efforts include:

Improving day-to-day business operations

NRDC's Greening Advisor helps businesses and other organizations to reduce their environmental impacts and cut costs throughout their operations and supply chains, by determining ways they can produce less waste, consume less paper and energy, and use resources more efficiently. NRDC's Building Green Guide outlines how businesses can identify and take advantage of energy efficiency measures (providing the same light, the same warmth and the same comfort of any other building – but at a fraction of the cost). We also give step-by-step instructions on best business practices to meet the highest standards, which include Green Seal, Cradle to Cradle and Energy Star.
Key issue areas: energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, air quality, transportation

Profiling industry leaders and best practices

OnEarth profiles business leaders who've shaken up business-as-usual practices with imaginative and sustainable innovations that provide the blueprint for a new marketplace. NRDC also highlights the cutting edge in smart design, whether it's in the world of "slow fashion", residential construction, professional sports, or commercial space (we've adopted many practices in our own offices).
Key issue areas: corporate social responsibility, greening supply chains, green jobs, metrics, sports

Working with Sports Leagues

The NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, NCAA, USTA and MLB have each teamed up with NRDC to examine their purchasing decisions, infrastructure efficiency, transportation choices, energy use, and waste-management policies. Featuring NRDC's award-winning Sports Greening Advisor and Solar Guide for Stadiums and Arenas, the Greening the Games site and our Game Changer report provides an overview and case studies of the different leagues' and teams' efforts to reduce their environmental impact.
Key issue areas: solar-powered stadiums, energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation, green building

Working with Entertainment Groups

NRDC is the principal environmental advisor for the Academy Awards and GRAMMY Awards as well as a founding partner of the Broadway Green Alliance. These premier entertainment groups all use NRDC's Greening Advisor to reduce the environmental impact of their events by evaluating their venues' energy, water, waste, and procurement practices.
Key issue areas: Academy Awards, transportation, energy efficiency, waste reduction, greening events

Making buildings more energy efficient

The Center for Market Innovation is working with Johnson Controls Inc., Jones Lang LaSalle, and Goldman Sachs on a project to grow demand for green buildouts in commercial tenant spaces.
Key issue areas: green building, energy efficiency, LEED ND, smart growth, location efficiency

Creating financing solutions for green infrastructure

Green infrastructure is a key environmental solution to many of the problems facing our large cities. The NRDC Water Program and the Center for Market Innovation are working on creating financial incentives that will attract capital to fund the transition from grey to green infrastructure in Philadelphia, with an eye towards scaling infrastructural changes to meet the needs of other cities. Read more about their work.
Key issue areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, financing

Promoting financial incentives for energy efficiency

Business leaders and building owners who adopt energy-efficiency measures see significant savings quickly. But unreasonable regulatory systems and market failures have prevented Americans from unlocking the full potential of being energy efficient. NRDC's Center for Market Innovation works to remove those hurdles, with a particular focus on getting financing for efficiency efforts. Visit the Center for Market Innovation.
Key issue areas: energy efficiency, location efficiency, smart growth, LEED, smart design

Improving manufacturing processes

Textile manufacturing has a huge environmental footprint, but there are steps businesses can take to reduce their pollution and resource use while improving their profitability. NRDC is working with multinational clothing brands, such as H&M and Target, to encourage their textile mills to adopt best practices. Learn more about Clean by Design. NRDC is also helping to shift the paper industry and those who use paper products towards better ecological practices. Read our Common Vision for Paper Production and Use.
Key issue areas: waste reduction, greening supply chains, water conservation

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