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As Congress debates the most important environmental vote in decades, a spirited voice calls us to act.

NRDC President Frances Beinecke writes from the heart and lays out the truth in this timely appeal to conscience.

Inspired by Thomas Paine's revolutionary classic, Common Sense, Beinecke shows how we can secure a clean and sustainable energy future that will help put Americans back to work, reduce our reliance on foreign oil and create a healthier future for ourselves and our children.

"We know what it will take," she writes. "We must find the courage to begin."

What People Are Saying About The Book

Robert Redford
"There are people of good will who hear claims on both sides of the climate change debate and aren't sure what to believe. If that feels familiar, this little book is for you."
From the Foreword by Robert Redford

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On, NRDC’s President, Frances Beinecke, explains the importance of President Obama’s trip to China in the lead up to international talks in December.

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Frances Beinecke, co-author of Clean Energy Common Sense, talked about her book looking at ways to secure a clean energy future that will create jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and less pollution.

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With both the Senate and U.S. EPA moving one step closer to regulating greenhouse gas emissions this week, all eyes are on the United States ahead of next month's Copenhagen meeting. During today's OnPoint, Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council and author of the new book "Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change," discusses the long-term prospects for the Senate's climate bill. She gives her take on whether EPA will move to make a final endangerment finding before Copenhagen. Beinecke also discusses the challenges to educating Americans about climate change.

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Mark Gunther reviews Clean Energy Common Sense.

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NRDC’s President, Frances Beinecke, discusses the importance of the upcoming climate legislation and her book Clean Energy Common Sense.

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