The core mission of CMI is to expand the existing impact of NRDC by creating conditions for redirecting capital flows toward sustainable uses. We do so by engaging with the business community, articulating and implementing value propositions in relevant areas.

Recent Projects

clean water cash flows

Clean Water Cash Flows

In Clean Water Cash Flows, NRDC, together with its partners The Nature Conservancy and EKO Asset Management Partners, complete a multi-year analysis of green infrastructure market opportunities in Philadelphia. Learn More

empty office space

High Performance Tenant Spaces

When energy efficiency measures are implemented at the same time as tenant space fit-outs in large commercial buildings, they represent only marginal costs in the context of the overall project, significantly reducing the time to realize financial payback. Learn More

New York City

New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation

An independent, public-private partnership, NYCEEC is tasked with catalyzing the development of a fully scaled, market-driven energy efficiency retrofit industry in New York City, where buildings consume 80% of the city's energy and produce 75% of its greenhouse gas emissions. Learn More

green infrastructure

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The Green Edge

The Green Edge is a first-of-its-kind report quantifying the full range of monetary benefits that green infrastructure investments generate for commercial property owners and their tenants -- from reduced energy costs to higher rents. Learn More

empty office space

Case Study: Li & Fung USA (LFUSA)

Li & Fung USA (LFUSA), a global consumer goods company, has committed to design and construct a high performance tenant space in the Empire State Building to reduce energy demand, increase efficiency, and improve indoor environmental quality. Learn More

empty office space

Case Study: Tower Companies, Inc.

Tower Companies, Inc. implemented an energy management initiative in three large, multi-tenant office buildings it owns and operates in downtown Washington, D.C. Learn More

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Yerina Mugica

Yerina Mugica is Associate Director at NRDC's Center for Market Innovation, specializing in developing clean energy solutions that work for consumers, business and the environment.

Douglass Sims

Douglass Sims, Senior Energy Project Finance Specialist, joined the Center for Market Innovation in April 2010. Doug works on issues relating to the financing of renewable power in the US and internationally.

Wendy Fok

Wendy Fok is Project Director for CMI's High Performance Demonstration Project and leads the overall development and execution.

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Factsheets, Reports, and Other Resources

Clean Water Cash Flows

Cities developing green infrastructure programs face challenges financing those programs entirely through traditional means such as municipal bonds or federal and state funds. Read More

The Green Edge

Commercial investment in green infrastructure can provide additional value to property owners and their tenants. Read More

Selecting High-Performance Tenant Space: A Pre-Lease Guide

High-performing and energy-efficient commercial office space begins before tenants even set foot in the building: choosing the right building is the critical first step. Read More

The Hidden Potential of Tenant Spaces

The Leader, March/April 2013: While it comes as no surprise that one of the most effective strategies to reduce operational costs and energy waste is to improve energy efficiency in buildings and across real estate portfolios, often overlooked is the potential of energy savings within the leased tenant space. Read More

Tenant Space Case Study: Natural Resources Defense Council Washington, D.C. Office

In July 2011, NRDC relocated its Washington, D.C. office to a new space designed with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, projected to yield a 30 percent annual energy savings, compared to expected energy use if the office were built to the minimum energy code requirements. Read More

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