NRDC Mercury Calculator

How to use the calculator

Fish contaminated by mercury can pose a serious health threat, particularly to children and pregnant women. Are you consuming too much mercury? Find out.

Just enter the types and quantities of fish you ate during the past week and the calculator will estimate your average daily mercury dose. Then we'll provide a comparison with the level the government considers safe, and suggest ways to reduce your exposure if it's too high.

NOTE: Because the numbers used in the mercury calculator are averages, the fish you eat may contain mercury at levels significantly higher or lower than the numbers used in this calculator. The results of the calculator are only an estimate of your average daily mercury dose, and should not be considered definitive.The estimate does not predict any risk to you or your family. If you are concerned about the calculator’s results or wish to get a more accurate reading through a blood mercury test, you should talk to your doctor.

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