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When Superstorm Sandy slammed into the northeast at the end of October, the world's attention and sympathies focused on the victims of this historic disaster. But Sandy also is a wake-up call to the growing threat of climate change. Scientists warn that increasing levels of carbon pollution in the atmosphere are contributing to a warming world and rising seas that could lead to more destructive storms like Sandy in the future.

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Honoring the Anniversary of Sandy by Making Our Communities More Resilient: 10 Ways to Begin
posted by Frances Beinecke, 10/16/13
The Beach Haven Elementary School sat shuttered for most of last year. Superstorm Sandy flooded ...

Smarter, Safer Flood Insurance in a Warmer, Riskier Climate
posted by Peter Lehner, 1/24/14
Scientists at Rutgers University recently published a startling projection about sea level rise for ...

Photo Essay: India and US Leaders Meet in New York to Spur Local Climate Resilience Action - Part 2
posted by Anjali Jaiswal, 10/16/15
Co-authored by Meredith Connolly, NRDC Climate & Energy Attorney In this two part blog series, Part ...
New York's Underused Water Infrastructure Funds Can Support Climate Resiliency
posted by Ben Chou, 7/31/14
Despite the nearly two years that have passed since Hurricane Sandy came onshore and caused unprecedented ...
Climate-Resilient Solar Hot Water Systems at Rockaways Firehouses Save NYC Money, Cut Carbon
posted by Kit Kennedy, 4/29/14
Solar hot water heating is the redheaded stepchild of the renewable energy world. Most people have no ...
Already Rapidly Spreading Across New York State - Solar to get Ten-Fold Boost
posted by Kit Kennedy, 4/22/14
New York is a big state—almost 55,000 square miles of city, river, pasture, suburb, mountaintop, ...
New Jersey Must Consider Climate Change Risks in Recovery Programs
posted by Ben Chou, 3/6/14
Extreme weather events in recent years have made states throughout the country rethink how investments ...
Road Map to Clean Energy and Climate Initiatives in Governor Cuomo's 2014 State of the State Report
posted by Kit Kennedy, 1/8/14
Curbing global warming emissions and building the clean energy economy are critical to New York ...

New York Times: Treat the Causes as Well as the Symptoms
posted by Ben Chou, 11/1/12
The widespread devastation wreaked by Hurricane Sandy is only the latest warning that we must prepare and plan for more extreme weather events....

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Treacherous Times
posted by Suzanne Goldenberg, 7/22/14
This post originally appeared at The Guardian. OnEarth is part of the Guardian Environment Network.Forget ...
Typhoon vs. Nuclear Plants, Trashy Family Photos, Good Riddance Guinea Worm?
posted by Jason Bittel, 7/9/14
Shift or get off the pot: A new report (compiled by experts from 30 international institutions) prescribes ...
The STD of the Sea (Ew), the Dust Will Rise Again!, What's Fracking? To the Dictionary!
posted by Ben Goldfarb, 5/21/14
Better safe than sudsy: Minnesota has become the first state to wash its hands of triclosan, an ingredient ...
Weekend Reads: The Beauty of Death, Googling the Great Outdoors, the Coming Climate Barons
posted by Jason Bittel, 4/18/14
Where the Wild Things AreThe Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, ...
Weekend Reads: The Importance of Being Urchin, the Trouble with Chris Christie, Your Radioactive Smile
posted by Jason Bittel, 11/8/13
You Are Made of Waste Your fingernails came out of an automotive exhaust pipe. Your hair? From the ...
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