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Losing Ground
Western National Parks Endangered by Climate Disruption

Our national parks were created to protect and preserve America's most awe-inspiring places for the enjoyment of generations. But western national parks face an unprecedented threat from climate change. Rising temperatures, prolonged drought, severe wildfires and diminished snowfall are already affecting these parks; without action to curb climate change, cherished Western landscapes could be drastically altered. This July 2006 report considers how climate change will disrupt national parks in 11 western states and recommends commonsense actions we can take now to reduce the worst of the future impacts. Video Commentary
Crown Jewels at Risk: Explore the Parks
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Video Commentary: NRDC's Johanna Wald
Top 12 Western National Parks Most at Risk (2.1 MB pdf)

Adobe Acrobat file (1.7 MB pdf)
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Executive Summary (2.3 MB pdf)
Chapter 1: Climate Disruption Poses an Unprecedented Risk to Western National Parks
Chapter 2: Climate Disruption Threatens Natural Resources and Wildlife
Chapter 3: Climate Disruption Threatens Cultural Resources
Chapter 4: Climate Disruption Threatens Public Enjoyment
Chapter 5: Recommendations for Reducing Climate Disruption

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