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IMAX's new film, Under the Sea 3D, examines global warming's impacts on our oceans. See how you can help our oceans. Add these tips to your blog or site. Get the widget!

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What You Can Do
Use your power to save power. NRDC teamed up with's Big Green Help on this new game. Try your hand at making the energy meter go green. Play now!

See how saving energy can stop global warming. Get on NRDC's Beat the Heat Map!
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Critter game Test your marine life "Eye-Q" and get to know some of the critters that rely on thriving ocean ecosystems.
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Watch an online movie about how sonar noise pollution is HURTING WHALES. NRDC is working to protect whales from dangerous sonar.

Make Waves brochureRead our "MAKE WAVES" brochure (pdf) about how to help keep oceans wild.

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Wildlife on the Brink

The Green Squad Check out THE GREEN SQUAD to learn how to make your school safe for the environment, and your health!

See what you can do to help SAVE THE POLAR BEAR AND THE NORTH POLE, in our Polar Action Guide (pdf). And learn more about Global Warming.

Explore WILDLIFE ON THE BRINK to learn about wildlife that may be in danger of extinction.

Read about the problem of mercury contamination of fish, and see how much TUNA it's safe for you to eat.

See lots more links to ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION for kids.

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