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This September 2004 report assesses the Bush administration's nuclear weapons policies and concludes that they have made the United States more vulnerable, not more secure. The report finds that these policies undermine the U.S. effort to combat terrorism by diverting resources from the real threats of our time, squandering billions of dollars on Cold War–era weapons and new nuclear warheads, and perpetuating the arms race. The report offers recommendations for a more responsible nuclear policy, including: honoring the U.S. commitment to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, scrapping plans for nuclear bunker busters, and stopping the deployment of the unproven missile defense system.

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Executive Summary
1: Unsettling Allies and Adversaries: The Nuclear Posture Review
2: The Relentless Drive for New and Improved Nuclear Weapons
3: A Crusade for Missile Defense
4: Proliferation and Terrorism Concerns
5: Unilateralism and Arms Control
6: The Fuzzy Math of the Moscow Treaty
7: Billions Over Budget at the Department of Energy
8: A Responsible Nuclear Weapons Policy for the 21st Century

Click here for pdf (1.25M) of satellite images and related discussions, extracted from the complete report.

last revised 9/1/2004

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